Retailers often overlook this quintessential focal point in the path to purchase, the fitting room. Shoppers who use a fitting room are three times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. Yet, fitting rooms are almost always at the top of the list when it comes to their negative impact on the overall shopping experience.

Properly managing the fitting room experience can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased conversion rates, and reduced shrink. SmartFit® provides the tools to dramatically improve the retailer’s bottom line.

Data at Your Fingertips

Now, for the first time, retailers can analyze a wealth of new fitting room data. With SmartFit data, retailers can make informed decisions about staffing levels, effectiveness of existing policies, and compare store performance across the entire chain.

By installing SmartFit, you gain access to real-time, actionable data, enabling you to increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and reduce shrink.

  • Help requests & response times
  • Occupancy awareness & dwell time
  • Traffic to fitting room conversion
  • Capacity utilization
  • Automated inspection notifications & compliance
  • Shrink occurrences

Enhance the Shopper Experience

SmartFit enables shoppers to request assistance from within the fitting room, or ask for a locked fitting room to be opened. Store associates can use SmartFit to reserve a room for a particular shopper, driving additional fitting room usage. All of these features enhance overall shopper experience and increase loyalty.

Whatever your customer engagement strategy and staffing model may be, SmartFit has a solution to meet your goals:

  • Entry – Receive instant notification when shoppers enter the fitting room area. This provides awareness to lean store teams.
  • Dwell – Get a window into your fitting rooms through Indyme’s sensing technology. Gather usage and occupancy data that can be used to drive operational efficiency and conversion. Improve the fitting room experience by sending timely notifications to your store teams on engagement opportunities, suspicious activity, and inspection reminders.
  • Assist – Gather usage data and empower your customers to request assistance. Sample requests are unlocking a fitting room, additional merchandise sizes and colors, and other cross-sell opportunities.
  • Reserve – Enable your store associates to reserve a room for those shoppers that need additional attention, or to encourage them to keep shopping. Reserving a room for a shopper enhances the experience, and shows them that you are there to provide excellent service.
  • Real-Time Status – Knowing which rooms are currently occupied, how long they’ve been occupied, and where help is needed can really improve operations, and increase sales. Use any tablet or smart phone to see exactly what is happening in your stores.
  • Data Integration – Use this new stream of fitting room data to enhance your overall business intelligence. Combine store traffic, POS data, and fitting room activity to see the complete picture.