SmartFit TrueView enhances the customers experience while in the fitting room by eliminating the harsh unflattering light projected from overhead lighting. Front lighting is a proven way to provide a more realistic and complimentary view, which builds shopper confidence and reduces returns. Shoppers will have the added benefit of effortlessly switching lighting scenarios such as evening, office and daylight with a touch of a button.

  • User selectable color temperature – daylight, office, and evening
  • Frontal lighting, which makes customer look more radiant with even bright skin tones
  • Customizable fixture housing and control switch cover plate that can be tailored to compliment the brand aesthetic
  • No light bulbs to change, no excessive heat, efficient LEDs with long life are the green way to go low cost/ease of installation

Key Qualities

A positive experience in the fitting room gives shoppers purchase confidence increasing sales and making shoppers more likely to return, increasing shopper loyalty. Reinforce your brand identity with a great shopping experience, by providing shoppers with the option to experience how they will look under different lights ahead of special occasions.

  • Fitting rooms are the “moment of truth” or the point of decision, better customer experience and better fitting room environment increases sales and improved loyalty.
  • Customer will be in control of their environment by being able to switch between various color temperature/brightness options.
  • Provide hip, upscale environment that make the customer feel good and make them more likely to return.
  • The customer has 3 preset options to switch between
  • The customer-facing controller will be surface-mounted to the wall much like a normal light switch
  • Customer’s lighting selection will illuminate to confirm that they are in fact looking at daylight/office/evening lighting
  • Customizable graphics – controller will effortlessly match any stores aesthetics
  • The fixtures are corner mounted and placed on either side of the mirror
  • The light housing is customizable to match the store brand or fitting room color-way
  • Extra length – TrueView will illuminate the entire outfit, from top to bottom
  • Durable and tamper resistant