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The future of retail is all about creating a differentiated customer experience

Empower Your Customers to ask for assistance.
-Placing Help request devices in key areas enables customers to ask for assistance with a push of a button.

Empower your store teams to anticipate the customer’s need for help.
-Indyme’s Sensing Technology determines assistance opportunities based on shopper behavior and triggers notifications to store team.

Indyme’s solutions optimize engagement for your business model. Whether you’re a self-service or high touch retailer, Indyme’s team of experts can tailor-fit a solution to meet your goals.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve Conversion and Average Ticket

Recover Lost Sales From Locked Merchandise

Increase Operational Efficiency

Drive Performance Through Metrics and Analytics

Key Features

  • Easy installation – Wireless, battery-operated devices mount easily to any fixture.

  • Mobile-enabled – Solutions are beacon ready and can integrate with your current mobile platforms.

  • External triggers – Notifications can be triggered by external devices such as IP cameras, Smart Sense devices, etc.

  • Touch Screen Integration – Indyme’s Solutions easily integrates with any touch display.


Customer Facing – get real time notification of assistance and engagement opportunities in key areas of the sales floor.

  • Provide assistance at high value merchandise areas.
  • Recover lost sales at locked merchandise areas.
  • Know when help is needed at unmanned service counters.
  • Enable help requests at price checkers and kiosks.
  • Get notified when help is needed at high assist areas.
  • High assist areas where help is necessary to make a sale.

Associate Facing – automate associate-to-associate interaction.

  • Automate daily tasks like cashier requests and manager requests.
  • Send reminders for sweeps, store walks, inspections, etc.

Data Driven Insight

The activity data gathered is stored in a secure, cloud based platform where you can access reports in real-time. SmartPortal™ reports provide unique insights into shopper activity, empowering management to take actions that increase staffing effectiveness, build sales, and reduce shrink.

Change Your Loss Prevention Paradigm, Stop Treating All Your Customers Like Thieves

Not all threats are created equal! With Indyme’s new Smart Sense Technology, you can better assess the threat level and tailor responses accordingly. It differentiates suspicious behavior from normal shopping behavior and creates tailored responses based on your business model, staffing model, and store demographics.


Let Indyme Help You Improve 98% of Your Customers’ Experience


Trigger Tailor-Fit Responses

Once targeted behaviors are detected, notifications can then be activated. These include a range of responses from direct store personnel intervention to fully autonomous local alarming and deterrence.


  • High Value Merchandise – Smart response empowers you to unlock high value merchandise. It also allows the store to recover the resulting sales loss from locking up merchandise with instant notifications.

  • Perimiter Monitoring – Get immediate notification of door openings in-store and after hours.

  • Suspicious Activity Detection – Instrument any fixture in your retail space to allow it to gather activity data, assess threat levels and send notifications.

  • Fitting Room – Gather valuable usage data and monitor occupancies.

Transform your fitting room experience with SmartFit™

70% of clothing shoppers use fitting rooms before purchasing[1], yet only 1 in 10 consumers are satisfied with the experience.[2]


Fitting Rooms are a crucial point in the path to purchase, but without data or influence at this key area, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for growth.

By installing the SmartFit Fitting Room Management System, retailers get access to actionable data.

Smarter Fitting Room Management

By installing the SmartFit™, you get access to real-time, actionable data, enabling you to increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and reduce shrink.

  • Occupancy Awareness and Dwell Time
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Shrink Occurrences
  • Response Time and Inspection Compliance
  • Capacity Utilization

Whatever your customer engagement strategy and staffing model may be, SmartFit™ has a solution to meet your goals:

  • Entry – Get instant notification when customers enter the fitting room area. This is particularly helpful in providing awareness to lean store teams.

  • Dwell – Get a window into your fitting rooms through Indyme’s sensing technology. Gather usage and occupancy data that can be used to drive operational efficiency and conversion. Improve the fitting room experience by sending timely notifications to your store teams on engagement opportunities, suspicious activity, and inspection reminders.

  • Assist – Gather usage data and empower your customers to request assistance. Requests can vary from unlocking or reserving a fitting room, requesting sizes and colors, and other assistance and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Envision Survey
  • Indyme Survey Conducted on 2,000 UK C8onsumers

SmartFit™ Status

Monitor fitting room activity through a web-based portal accessible by any computer, tablet or mobile device. The user-friendly interface displays visual notifications of fitting room status, help requests, extended occupancies, and inspection reminders.

Get Data Driven Insight

The data gathered is accessible through Indyme’s secure cloud-based platform, SmartPortal. These reports empower management to take actions that increase staffing effectiveness, build sales and reduce shrink. Corporate support and training are critical in driving compliance and success, measured objectively by Indyme’s metrics.

Smart Sense: Protect your customer experience while protecting your products

Detection and Deterrence In One

Give your store a voice. Smart Sense devices detect in store events and are able to differentiate suspicious activity from normal shopping behavior. Once activities of interest are identified, the devices can then send tailored responses based on the threat.

Smart Sense offers different methods for detecting when and where shopper engagement is most likely to reduce theft or increase sales.

Event Detection

  • Smart Sense Dwell™ Presence Detection Dwell detects the presence of people within a defined area. When presence exceeds a defined threshold, the module sends out a notification.

  • Smart Sense Touch™ Merchandise Movement Detection The Touch detects the actual handling of merchandise and sends out notifications ranging from possible interest to suspected sweeps.


  • Smart Sense Remote Annunciator has the power of local audio deterrence. The device broadcasts messages once it detects certain activities.

  • Smart Sense PVM intelligently switches between branding/marketing content to live camera feed, triggered only when suspicious events are occurring.

  • Smart Response™ sends instant notifications to store associates, allowing real time event response.

Close the loop on Customer Satisfaction

Measure Customer Satisfaction in real time with Survey Station.

Improve Engagement by integrating with Smart Response Solutions.

The Survey Station Difference

  • Part of a system that allows you to make a direct impact on customer satisfaction
  • Allows you to get a uniform distribution of survey sample
  • Battery operated, wireless device allows you to make strategic placements and narrow the focus of your survey
  • Gives you the flexibility to ask targeted questions
  • Complimentary to your current survey methods

There are several applications that Survey Station has been proven highly effective

Checkout Lines


Service Counters

Targeted Questions Strategically place devices to gather specific data

Break RoomMeasure employee satisfaction

Data That Drives Continuous Improvement

The insights gathered empower management to take actions that improve customer engagement and satisfaction. With corporate support, proper training and management, Survey Station reports help drive continuous compliance and success, measured objectively with our data.

Get more from your staff

Smart Response ensures compliance with everyday tasks and gives you an objective view of your store operations.

Smart Response automates & data logs associate-to-associate interactions. This enables retailers to measure staffing efficiencies and ensure policy and training compliance.

  • Sales Floor Audit – Most stores have a store walk policy, but until now, there was no way to ensure compliance. Indyme’s HotPath™ application helps store managers build this valuable habit and also lets corporate measure compliance.

  • Restroom Inspection – Restroom cleanliness is a major factor in customer experience and satisfaction. Get rid of the paper checklist and automate your restroom inspection compliance.

  • POS Assist – Automate everyday cashier tasks by enabling them to instantly and professionally request additional cashiers, change, carryout assistance, security or other needs.

  • Fitting Room Sweep – Fitting room cleanliness can either positively or negatively impact the customer’s experience. Promote a positive experience by ensuring timely inspections.

Data Driven Insight

All events are logged to create reports that helps management pinpoint improvement opportunities and trends. These allow management to make policy changes and measure compliance results.

Get more value from your security infrastructure

Tap the hidden power of your security system by integrating it with Smart Response. Smart Response allows you to create real-time notifications of actionable in-store events.

Make your System Smarter with these applications:

  • Perimeter Door Monitoring – Notify store personnel of any perimeter door opening or stock room access. All events are data logged with optional reason codes attached facilitating exception reporting.

  • Late Night Entry Alert – Let store associates know when customers enter during late night operations. Doing this creates awareness among staff and the notifications act as a deterrent to late night theft.

  • Suspicious Activity Awareness – Get real-time notifications of targeted activity or merchandise movements in high value product areas, high theft areas or other key locations in-store.

  • Video Management System Integration – Investigation Go from terabytes of low value video to megabytes of high value video. Smart Response helps you selectively tag footage to suspicious events detected by Indyme sensors.

  • Video Management System Integration – Apprehension Once the sensors detect suspicious behavior, Smart Response delivers real-time triggers to your VMS. The combination of VMS alerts and store personnel notifications helps deter theft and increase apprehensions.

SmartPortal: Knowledge drives performance

SmartPortal does not just provide data; it gives you results-focused, actionable insight.

There are several applications that Survey Station has been proven highly effective

Real Time Access the data in real time on a secure, cloud based portal.

Actionable Data Get useful reports based on key success metrics.

Drive Performance Reports enable management to objectively test policy choices, measure performance and create a competitive spirit among stores.

Simple and Intuitive SmartPortal’s intuitive user interface allows you to gather insights clearly and with ease.

Mobile access Access your reports through any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Integrated with HRISSupports ADFS for easy user management.

Key Features:

  • Manage Your Hierarchy – Access data the way you want it: see reports from regions, districts and specific store locations.
  • Customizable Dashboards – SmartPortal allows you to personalize reports that show up on your dashboard.
  • Exportable Data – Extract your data to get an offline version of your reports for any kind of post processing.
  • Schedule Email Reports – SmartPortal gives you the ability to schedule reports to be emailed daily, weekly or monthly.

SmartPortal integrates with other data sources to drive higher levels of insight:


Traffic Counters

Security, VMS and Perimeter Monitoring


Keep driving Results

These insights empower management to take actions that increase staffing effectiveness, build sales and reduce shrink. With corporate support, proper training and management, SmartPortal reports helps drive continuous compliance and success, measured objectively with our data.

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