Save the sale and create loyal customers with Indyme’s StyleLink™ kiosk. Enable your store to offer a broader inventory in the fitting room, the customer’s final point of decision. StyleLink™, located in the cluster enables shoppers to secure their items before abandonment, outside of the fitting room. With it’s large and highly responsive touch screen StyleLink™ offers a much-improved experience over trying to access additional inventory options via a customer’s smartphone or in-store tablets.


  • Highly responsive, large touchscreen
  • Integrated scanner to quickly locate product information
  • Optional integrated card reader or transmit to POS for seamless payment completion
  • Integrated assistance request feature – available as a soft button or ADA compliant physical button
  • Functions as digital signage – add seasonal branding/marketing content or sales information loops when not in use.

Inventory at the push of a button

Shoppers have become accustomed to shopping online. It’s fast, efficient and enables a degree of independence. StyleLink™ kiosk offers all of that while providing excellent customer service.

Give your customers chain-wide information and inventory access at the most critical point in the shopping journey, the fitting room – to buy or not to buy that is the question.

Key Qualities

Improve the customer experience! Make finding inventory and answering questions an easy, enjoyable experience. No more trying to find clothing information on a tiny screen.

  • Improve customer engagement: Personalized shopping made easy. This interactive kiosk will simultaneously provide: available colors/sizes, product reviews and styling inspiration. Not to mention inventory information and other store locations while positively influencing last-minuet purchase decisions.
  • Increase conversion: Make it easy for a customer to find the size/color they want (without having to leave the fitting room or search the sales floor), creating upsells and convince chain-wide.
  • Speed up service: Reduce checkout queues with touch screen kiosk technology. Customers have more control over their orders using endless aisle options at this self-service kiosk.
  • Simplify shopping: Allow shoppers to seamlessly shop from their computers to their smart phone to the in-store kiosks, with the same shopping cart.