Fight Shrink with Active Deterrence

Give your store a voice. Smart Sense™ devices detect in store events and are able to differentiate suspicious activity from normal shopping behavior. Once activities of interest are identified, the devices can then send tailored responses based on the threat.

Smart Sense™ offers different methods for detecting when and where shopper engagement is most likely to reduce theft or increase sales.

Event Detection

  • SmartDome™ Discourage potential thieves with an increased level of security. Flashing LED lights and local messages provide maximum deterrent at the shelf or in the aisle.

  • Smart Sense Touch™ Merchandise Movement Detection The Touch detects the actual handling of merchandise and sends out notifications ranging from possible interest to suspected sweeps.

  • Smart Sense Dwell™ Presence Detection Dwell detects the presence of people within a defined area. When presence exceeds a defined threshold, the module sends out a notification.


  • Smart Sense Remote Annunciator has the power of local audio deterrence. The device broadcasts messages once it detects certain activities.

  • Smart Sense PVM intelligently switches between branding/marketing content to live camera feed, triggered only when suspicious events are occurring.

  • Smart Response™ sends instant notifications to store associates, allowing real time event response.