Tap the hidden power of your security system by integrating it with Smart Response™. Smart Response allows you to create real-time notifications of actionable in-store events.

Make your System Smarter with these applications:

  • Perimeter Door Monitoring – Notify store personnel of any perimeter door opening or stock room access. All events are data logged with optional reason codes attached facilitating exception reporting.

  • Late Night Entry Alert – Let store associates know when customers enter during late night operations. Doing this creates awareness among staff and the notifications act as a deterrent to late night theft.

  • Suspicious Activity Awareness – Get real-time notifications of targeted activity or merchandise movements in high value product areas, high theft areas or other key locations in-store.

  • Video Management System Integration – Investigation Go from terabytes of low value video to megabytes of high value video. Smart Response helps you selectively tag footage to suspicious events detected by Indyme sensors.

  • Video Management System Integration – Apprehension Once the sensors detect suspicious behavior, Smart Response delivers real-time triggers to your VMS. The combination of VMS alerts and store personnel notifications helps deter theft and increase apprehensions.