Indyme has partnered with industry leading video management system providers empowering retailers to realize additional benefits from their video system investments.

Indyme’s Smart Sense™ network of low cost sensors give your store fixtures a voice by monitoring shelf and aisle-level events for suspicious behavior, which is defined by and tailored to your business model. When events of interest occur, it triggers the video management system in real-time, empowering you to react before suspicious behavior becomes shrink.

Event triggers can be configured to react any in of the following ways:

  • Bookmark suspicious events – mark the video file at the time the suspicious activity occurred, making it efficient for loss prevention professionals to review the video for notable events, no more reviewing hours of video
  • Create alarms which can alert monitoring professionals of an event so they can observe and react to the detected behavior in real-time
  • Direct PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera to an area of interest
  • Highlight/Pop-up the view from a relevant camera
  • Create an acknowledge requirement for compliance, and many others

Additional events that can be sent to the VMS


  • Customer help requests/interactions
  • Task management compliance
  • Automated help requests
  • Kiosk interactions


  • Merchandise interactions
  • A/B testing of product placement
  • Hours of product interactions
  • Stock replenishment checks