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Your New Smart Store

Indyme’s SmartResponse system drives conversion and reduces loss by identifying engagement opportunities and responds to suspicious events in real time. Finally, a system that works for everyone.

What Indyme can do for you

Store Operations Suite

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Engage your customers

Increase customer engagement without increasing staff.

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Increase Conversion

Drive conversion by reducing friction and increasing engagement.

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Go Touchless

Now you can offer shoppers a choice, to ask for help using their device or yours!

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Enhance BOPIS Experience

Automate your processes and delight your customers.

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Drive policy Compliance

Leverage Indyme technology to measure compliance with key policies.

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Loss Prevention Suite

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Protect your products

Indyme’s active deterrence technology will stop theft in its tracks.

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Protect your employees

Keeping offenders out of your stores protects your employees.

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Reduce Shrink

Indyme powerful suite of active deterrent solutions crush shrink.

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Secure your stores

Indyme’s AI technology protects your stores.

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Stop pushouts

Indyme’s AI based SmartDepart stops pushouts.

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Minimize stockouts

Indyme’s Sweep Detection stops ORC and helps stores maintain in-stock position.

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About Indyme

Indyme is the world’s leading provider of customer engagement and active loss prevention systems. Our systems are installed in over 30,000 stores with some of the largest brands in retail.

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