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Indyme’s SmartResponse multiplies your staff by enabling targeted engagement, automating key processes, and reducing friction in your stores to increase conversion. Indyme lets you drive KPIs and do more with your staff.

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Applications for Store Ops


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Self Service Locked Case

Revolutionizing the locked case, Freedom Case allows customers to self-serve locked merchandise by exchanging personal information and monitoring their behavior.

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BOPIS Automation

Get notified of customers at curbside, ensure pick from store actions are completed on time.

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Help Buttons

Customer assistance is at the push of a button. Store associates get notified over existing in store communication tools.

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Fitting Room Solutions

Drive higher conversion with customer assistance, scene lighting, and endless aisle kiosks in your fitting room cluster.

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Queue Line Management

Drive higher efficiency and satisfaction in your queue line with automation tools and rich data.

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Automated Assist

Leverage the power of AI to identify customers in need of assistance. Increase satisfaction and conversion.

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Data Reporting and Analytics

Deploying technology into your stores can help drive higher performance. But how will you know if your new tech is being effectively utilized? The right metrics ensure you get the most out of your technology spend.

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Touchless Customer Assist

During the Pandemic, touchless solutions became increasingly important Today, they offer another convenient way for your customers to ask for assistance. Now you can offer shoppers a choice, to ask for help using their device or yours!

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COVID-19 Health and Safety

Check out our curbside automation, queue line management, mask wearing messaging, and automated traffic regulation solutions to keep your customers and employees safe.

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Looking for Loss Prevention?

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