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Drive higher store performance with SmartPortal & DataLink

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Get the most out of your tech with performance analytics

Deploying technology into your stores can help drive higher performance. But how will you know if your new tech is being effectively utilized? The right metrics ensure you get the most out of your technology spend.

How it Works

When you deploy an Indyme solution in your stores, every event is data logged in the cloud. SmartPortal uses this data to provide compliance statistics such as store associate response times and compliance with LP policies. It also provides analytics such as traffic patterns in your dressing rooms to better understand conversion performance.

Your data is accessible through SmartPortal, Indyme’s web based compliance and analytics UI. Customizable reports can be emailed to store or regional managers on a set schedule. Or you can simply harvest the data through our DataLink service right into your data warehouse for incorporation into your existing dashboards.

Measure and Manage Response Time

When a customer asks for assistance, measuring your store associate’s response time is critical to maintaining great customer satisfaction. Indyme’s ask for assistance and LP solutions measure response time compliance with your standards. Exception reports can be generated to drive improved performance to goal.

Fitting Room Analytics

It’s a well known fact that customers who visit the fitting room are more likely to buy and have higher spend per transaction. Converting store traffic to fitting room use can be a powerful driver of conversion and average transaction value. Indyme’s SmarttFit data allows retailers to measure fitting room occupancy duration, analyze capacity utilization, and conversion statistics.

System Health Monitoring

All Indyme devices are continuously monitored for their health status. Devices check into our health monitoring service and provide up to date status of online/offline status, battery life, network connection, signal strength, etc. This data can be integrated with IT trouble ticketing systems such as Service Now for automated ticket generation of any offline system.

Access Detection Key Features

  • Cloud storage of your system data
  • SmartPortal graphical user interface
  • Summary level compliance reports
  • Exception reporting
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automated emails of standard reports
  • DataLink data harvesting service
  • Full health monitoring
  • Integration with trouble ticketing platforms
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