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Read your customer’s minds!

Imagine you could “sense” when shoppers need help, and magically assist them before they ask for help. That’s exactly what Indyme’s AutoAssist solution does. Up your selling game with AutoAssist!

How it Works

Using AI, dwell detection, or by sensing product interactions, AutoAssist senses customers needing assistance, or perhaps dwelling near high value merchandise. Once programmable assistance thresholds are met, Indyme’s SmartResopnse notifies store associates over existing in-store communication devices or your PA.

Drive Engagement

We all know customer engagement improves satisfaction and is key to driving sales. With AutoAssist, store associates can approach customers in a more targeted and efficient way, only approaching shoppers when their behavior indicates they are likely to need assistance. You can also promote hot products by engaging customers who express an interest. AutoAssist does it all!

Seize the moment

The Moment of Truth is that moment when a customer and store associate interact. When customers are serviced, without them having to hunt down a store associate, the brand image is elevated and satisfaction with the shopping experience soars. AutoAssist helps retailers massively increase engagement and positive Moments of Truth!

Staffing in the moment

The best way to measure customer satisfaction is by measuring the time it takes to receive assistance once a customer decides they want service. AutoAssist notifies a sales associate only when shopper behavior they need assistance This proactive service on demand model maximizes customer engagement while holding the line on staffing hours. We call this “Staffing in the Moment”

AutoAssist Key Features

  • Wide range of behavior detection sensor
  • AI based video analytics
  • Programmable detection thresholds, holdoff periods, and re-arm delays
  • Voice down capabilities
  • Promotional messaging
  • Notification over existing in-store communications devices
  • Retailer App integration
  • PA notification
  • Over the air programming (simplified move, add, and change)
  • Advanced health monitoring
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