A Simpler, Smarter Solution to the Pushout Theft Problem

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Pushouts are costing retailers over $500 per occurrence

The majority of these thefts go unnoticed. Pushout thefts affect nearly all retailers who use baskets or shopping carts. Even low shrink stores have pushout theft problems that can add up to big losses.

How it Works

A camera located over the exit detects shopping carts using Artificial Intelligence. The path of the cart is also identified and analyzed in real time. Carts passing through the checkouts are green, carts departing from the sales floor are red and trigger Indyme’s Active Deterrence system.

A simpler, more efficient approach to an age old problem

Indyme’s SmartDepart solution takes a feed from a standard video camera located over the exit. Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, SmartDepart identifies shopping carts and baskets that haven’t passed through the checkouts. Once a cart is detected approaching the exit from the sales floor, Indyme’s Active Deterrence systems are deployed, causing would-be offenders to abandon the pushout. In-store video recording systems are bookmarked and optionally, store associates are notified over existing in-house communication devices.

Deploy at a fraction of the cost

Traditional locking wheel technology has been prohibitively expensive to deploy both in terms of upfront cost and ongoing maintenance cost. Indyme’s video AI based detection approach can be deployed at a fraction of the cost, enhancing ROI and enabling retailers to protect stores far deeper into the fleet.

Stop repeat offenders

Pushouts are often committed by repeat offenders who habitually steal from stores where they go undetected. Once detected by SmartDepart, these repeat offenders realize they’ve been identified and no longer attempt pushouts in protected stores. In fact, offenders who see signage alerting them that SmartDepart is in operation, no longer attempt pushout theft.

SmartDepart™, a customer-friendly solution

No matter how good the technology, occasionally false alarms will happen. SmartDepart Active Deterrent technology identifies carts attempting to depart without passing through a checkout, and activates a range of deterrents including voice audio messages, flashing light bars, and optional store associate notification. Since SmartDepart does not lock the cart’s wheel, legitimate shoppers are notified to return to the checkout, while offenders quickly realize they have been caught in the act, and their crime is being captured on video.

See how SmartDepart™ Compares

Smart DepartTraditional Locking Wheel
Installed Cost
Maintenance Cost
Installation TimeHoursDays
Prevents Basket Loss
DeterrentActive DeterrentLocking Wheel
Customer ExperienceCustomer FriendlyExtremely Aggressive
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