Crush Shrink

Indyme stops shrink while maintaining a positive customer experience. Our Active Deterrence technology detects suspicious behaviors real time, and uses active deterrents to stop theft before it happens, at the shelf and in aisles.

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How we get results

Applications for Loss Prevention


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Product Protection

Indyme’s SmartDome and SmartSense LP solutions identify suspicious behaviors right at the shelf and in-asile. Active Deterrence stops shrink before offenders conceal merchandise.

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Sweep Detection and Prevention

Indyme SmartSense module can count unit removal from shelves and peg hooks. Take too many in too short a period of time, and Active Deterrents are deployed getting offenders to abandon theft real time.

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Pushout Protection

Indyme’s SmartDepart uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to identify shopping carts and baskets that haven’t passed through the checkout. Active Deterrence stops pushout offenders in their tracks before departing the store.

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Self-Service Locked Case

Freedom Case
Revolutionizing the locked case, Freedom Case allows customers to self-serve locked merchandise by exchanging personal information and monitoring their behavior.

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Locked Case Assist

Locked cases work great for reducing shrink, they also do a great job shrinking sales. Placing Indyme’s shopper help buttons on your locked case reduces abandonments, and increases satisfaction without increasing staff hours. Our “Service on Demand” model enables retailers to maximize conversion with existing staff.

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Fitting Room Security

By visually displaying fitting room occupancy at the cluster entrance, Indyme’s SmartFit puts offenders on notice that this area is being monitored and is secured. SmartFit integrates with RFID and Magnet Detection to detect and notify if unwanted items entering your fitting rooms

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Access Detection

Indyme’s Access Detection solutions detect access to sensitive areas such as after hours warehouse entry, access to locked merchandise cages, shopping liquor aisle during prohibited time of day, perimeter door openings, and other strategically secured locations. Once access is detected, a wide range or Active Deterrents can be deployed.

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COVID-19 Health and Safety

Check out our curbside automation, queue line management, mask wearing messaging, and automated traffic regulation solutions to keep your customers and employees safe.

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Looking for Store Ops?

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