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Indyme’s Health And Safety Solutions Suite For Retail

Indyme’s Health and Safety Solutions Suite supports and strengthens the commitment of retail operators to promote shopper and staff safety during this pandemic crisis and beyond. As authorities permit phased resumption of retail operations, urgent implementation of effective measures help reduce infection risks and avoid the return of restrictions. In addition to the unique benefits of each solution, suite advantages include:

  • Plug and Play: No or minimal installation simplifies and speeds deployment
  • No IT Integration: In-store network integration is optional; fastest implementation is typically achieved through secure independent cloud operation
  • Future Investment: After the crisis, most system components may be reconfigured to provide other benefits from Indyme’s rich retail solutions library including customer engagement and loss prevention tools

Traffic Safe™ Store Occupancy Management

Limiting store occupancy is an essential element to promoting staff and shopper safety through social distancing. It’s not only the right thing to do but, increasingly, a regulatory requirement. Traffic Safe provides “self-serve” shopper store entry while maintaining occupancy limits.

Buy Safe™ Curbside Pickup Notification

Many high-risk individuals and those with children increasingly prefer curbside pickup of purchases. During some recovery phases, stores may only be permitted to operate if offering this service. Buy Safe enables shoppers to notify the store of their arrival by clicking a link on their confirmation email.

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Queue Safe™ Checkout Line Director

Shoppers queued at each checkstand may maintain social distancing, but the resulting lines often overflow into aisles, interfering with other shoppers. In some stores, a single queue leading to all checkstands can be routed to mitigate this issue. Queue Safe provides a labor-free solution immediately directing each customer to the next available cashier.

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Shopper Safe™ Social Distance Messaging

Audio messages reminding shoppers of social distancing and face covering requirements promote compliance and assure customers of a commitment to safety. Shopper Safe provides customized health and safety messages either as a self-installed smart device targeting store cluster points or through remotely administered storewide messaging.

FitSafe™ Fitting Room Sanitation Compliance

Re-opening fitting rooms is a critical next step for apparel retailers. By graphically displaying which dressing rooms are occupied, sanitized and ready for use, and in need of sanitation, shoppers see objective evidence of clean fitting rooms. When shoppers try on clothes, they have more confidence in purchase decisions resulting in greater conversion and fewer returns.

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