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Your best defense against fitting room theft

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Secure your fitting rooms with SmartFit LP

It is a well known fact that the majority of apparel theft occurs in the cosy confines of the fitting room.  These private little rooms sadly make the perfect location for concealing merchandise. SmartFit LP allows retailers to provide a sense of security in the fitting room cluster, without adding labor or offending your valued customers.

How it Works

SmartFit adds a sense of physical security to your fitting room cluster.  Offenders quickly become aware that your fitting rooms are supervised, without adding labor.

Occupancy Detection as a Deterrent

Occupancy sensors either integrated into the SmartFit assist buttons, or mounted inconspicuously to the ceiling, identify when fitting rooms are occupied and vacant.  The occupancy status of each dressing room is displayed at the cluster entrance, By identifying occupied dressing rooms, offenders no longer can feel invisible and are deterred from concealing in the fitting room.

Stop Detachers!

Sensors mounted to the fitting room entrance detect high flux magnets which are used in most EAS tag detachers.  When a detacher is detected an audible alert can be activated and/or store associates can be notified.

Detect Non-Apparel Merchandise with RFID

By detecting and preventing non-apparel merchandise from entering the fitting room, theft of this high value merchandise in the fitting room can be eliminated. SmartFit integrates virtually with any brand of RFID system to detect unwanted SKUs from entering the fitting room cluster.

Key Features

  • Discreet occupancy sensors
  • Wall mounted occupancy displays
  • Branded user interface
  • High flux magnet sensors
  • RFID integration
  • Integrates with existing in-store communication devices
  • Active deterrence
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