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Indyme’s Locked Case Assist Stops Abandonments

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Help Customers Buy Your High Value Products

Locked cases work great for reducing shrink, they also do a great job shrinking sales. Placing Indyme’s shopper help buttons on your locked case reduces abandonments, and increases satisfaction without increasing staff hours. Our “Service on Demand” model enables retailers to maximize conversion with existing staff.

How it Works

Wireless, battery operated help buttons are placed right on your locked case to enable customers convenient access to locked merchandise. These devices instantly notify store associates over virtually any existing in-store communication devices. On locked cases, help buttons offer the ultimate in shopper convenience!

Reduce abandonments and increase sales at locked cases

Research shows 20% of shoppers are likely to abandon a purchase if it requires locating a store associate to open a case. Adding a help button to a locked case virtually eliminates abandonment while at the same time, significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Protect High Value Merchandise

Locking high value merchandise is the most effective way to protect it from offenders. Installing help buttons allows retailers to implement the most effective protections without losing sales.

Staffing in the Moment

One way to measure customer satisfaction by the time it takes to receive assistance once a customer decides they want service. Strategically help buttons at locked cases allows customers to request assistance where and when they want it. This service on demand model maximizes customer engagement while holding the line on staffing hours. We call this “Staffing in the Moment”

Key features

  • Multiple mounting options for maximum flexibility
    • Blade mount
    • Wall mount
    • Glass mount
    • Stanchion mount
  • Wireless, battery operated
  • 3 year battery life
  • Local voice assurance messages
  • Ring of Fire flashing LED upon activation
  • Strobe, attention getting LED to drive utilization
  • Over the air programming (simplified move, add, and change)
  • Full reporting of store associate response times
  • Advanced health monitoring
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