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Add some glam to your dressing room experience

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A scene for every style!

Now you can punch up your fitting room experience by allowing your customers to select lighting to match any occasion. From Office, to Beach, to Boudoir, let TrueView add some fun to your dressing rooms

How it Works

Customers select a “scene” such as Daylight, Office, or Evening, by pressing the branded capacitive touch interface. The color temperature and intensity of the lighting is gradually changed to match the use occasion of the fashion.

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The Right Lighting Drives Conversion

The right lighting makes all the difference when trying on clothes. Most dressing rooms have horrible overhead lighting whose shadows accentuate every flaw. TrueView’s front firing distributed lighting makes your customers look great, your fashion look awesome, and your colors pop. TrueView presents your styles in the best possible light!

Low Cost Installation & Energy Savings

TrueView lighting was designed from the ground up to be a fitting room lighting solution. The high efficiency RGB LEDs use 90% less energy than incandescent overhead lighting, saving you money on energy bills. In addition, these fixtures are powered by simple low voltage structured cabling. No need for expensive electricians to bring power to your fitting rooms. These fixtures just need a power outlet within 100’ of the fitting room cluster.

Add Some Fun to your Dressing Room Experience

A boring dressing room can quickly become the “dredding room”. Poor overhead lighting that accentuates your flaws can make the experience downright depressing. TrueView makes you and your fashions look great and adds a touch of fun and excitement to your fitting room experience. Fun equals happy customers, happy customers equals increased sales!

Key Features

  • Four light scenes to choose from
  • Modern styling and customizable fixture colors
  • Customizable capacitive touch switch
  • Simple and low cost installation
  • POE cabling, doesn’t require an electrician
  • Ultra efficient, low power LEDs
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