Access Detection

Secure sensitive areas with access detection active deterrence

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SmartSense Entry and Dwell Detection

Indyme’s Access Detection solutions detect access to sensitive areas such as after hours warehouse entry, access to locked merchandise cages, shopping liquor aisle during prohibited time of day, perimeter door openings, and other strategically secured locations. Once access is detected, a wide range or Active Deterrents can be deployed.

How it Works

By integrating with your existing perimeter monitoring system, using discrete sensors, or receiving event triggers from your existing CCTV system, Indyme’s Access Detection system can turn on Active Deterrents or notify store personnel when these access events are detected.Triggers can also be sent to your VMS to bookmark video for easy audit of all detected events.

Perimeter Monitoring Events

Back door, receiving door, fire escape, or other door opening events can serve as triggers to the Indyme SmartSense system. These locations could also be coupled with reason code devices to datalog the reason these locations were accessed.

Dwell Detection

Indyme’s dwell detectors are low cost, programmable motion detectors which can detect entry into secured areas or dwell in sensitive areas. Dwell thresholds, hold off periods, and re-arm delays can all be remotely programmed to optimize detection for any application. These devices are equipped with powerful speakers capable of delivering an Active Deterrent voice down message along with attention getting LEDs. Optionally, store associates can be notified over existing communication devices.

VMS Integration

Any event detected by Indyme’s sensors or any trigger Indyme receives from a third party sub-system can be used to bookmark your VMS for audit and analysis Indyme is integrated with most leading VMS systems and can both send and receive triggers from these VMS solution providers.

Access Detection Key Features

  • 10 – 20 foot detection zone
  • Dwell sensors wIreless and battery operated
  • 3 – 5 year battery life
  • Optionally POE powered
  • Powerful on-board speaker
  • Programmable audio messages
  • Flashing LEDs
  • Black or white housing
  • Self-installed with simple double stick tape
  • Programmable detection thresholds, holdoff periods, and re-arm delays
  • Over the air programming (simplified move, add, and change)
  • Advanced health monitoring
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