About Indyme

With over 30 years of success and 150 man years of retail experience, we are driven to deliver results to your retail environment.

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Meet the Indyme Team

We are a group of highly creative and passionate individuals who are driven to give our retail partners a competitive edge. For over 30 years, Indyme has generated measurable results for many of the world’s leading brands. By partnering with leaders in store operations, loss preventions and merchandising, we create solutions to their real world problems. With over 150 man-years of retail experience, our team has a deep understanding of retails’ dynamic challenges and opportunities. Every day, we translate this knowledge into constant product innovation.
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Joe Budano

Chief Executive Officer

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Philip Joosten

VP Global Sales/Customer Care

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Steve Deal

Founder and Chairman

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About Indyme

Indyme is in the instant awareness business. Our SmartResponse technology is a highly flexible and configurable platform that can solve for a wide range of challenges faced by retailers. We focus on three broad categories of solutions, customer engagement, workflow automation, and what we call “active loss prevention”.

Customer Engagement

Indyme is the world leader in customer engagement solutions. From simple help buttons, to fully automated, AI based customer assist solutions, Indyme is your go-to solution provider to elevate your customer service game. We have a full portfolio of customer assist devices, optimized for any application.

Workflow Automation

Retailers often have well defined processes designed to improve the customer experience, increase sales, and reduce shrink. However, streamlining and automating these workflows remains a challenge. Indyme’s SmartResponse platform is designed to automate workflows associated with these policies while at the same time measure compliance to drive ever increasing results.

Active Loss Prevention

Indyme’s unique Active Loss Prevention technology responds in real time to suspicious events. Our SmartSense solutions automatically activate Active Deterrents in-aisle and on shelves to deter theft before it happens. We detect suspicious events using Indyme’s own shopper behavior sensors or through integration with third party sensors and IP cameras. Active deterrence are then deployed according to the magnitude of the detected threat. By responding only when a threat is detected, the customer experience is optimized.

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