Delight your shoppers and Increase single line queue efficiency

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Speed Up Your Queue!

COVID-19 taught us the potential efficiency of single line queuing. However, plexiglass screens and non-optimal checkouts cause inefficiencies and customer inconvenience. Q-Safe automates the queue, speeding checkout and improving the customer experience.

How it Works

Each checkout station has a wireless, battery operated advance button. Once pressed, a monitor at the head of the queue provides an audio and visual message to advance to the corresponding checkout.

More Checkouts per Hour

By automating the checkout process, Q-Safe dramatically increases cashier throughput. Shoppers are efficiently directed to the next available checkout, increasing throughput and shopper satisfaction.

Labor Savings

Q-Safe increases throughput, by automating the management of your queue line. This increased throughput reduces the number of cashiers needed to checkout the same number of customers. If your stores are using additional labor to manage the queue line, Q-Safe can help reduce or eliminate this additional labor while providing an enhanced customer experience.

Increase Satisfaction!

Your valuable customers will appreciate the professional approach to queue line management. Cashiers no longer have to wave or announce their availability to customers to get their attention. A professional monitor with branded messaging announces which lane is now available for checkout.

Key features

  • Self-installed, plug and play operation
  • Low cost per checkout lane
  • Wireless, battery operated cashier advance buttons
  • Three to five year battery life
  • Customizable, branded, display graphics
  • Customizable, audio messages
  • Multiple monitor mounting options
  • Interfaces with any HDMI enabled monitor
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