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Reduce abandonments with an endless aisle in your fitting room

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Delight shoppers with an automated way to find that elusive style you can’t find in-store. By adding StyleLink Kiosk to your dressing room cluster, shoppers can scan merchandise and find that missing size on your web site, right at the point of decision.

How it Works

Mounted right in the fitting room cluster, StyleLink prompts customers who can’t find their size in-store, to scan the item and instantly locate additional stock in inventory elsewhere in your system.

Multiple payment options can be used to ensure a secure checkout including emailing a link to the shopper’s mobile phone or passing the shopping cart to the checkout.

Save the Sale

Hot styles quickly sell out at apparel shops. Disappointed shoppers in the dressing room realize the size they need is not available. Upon exiting the dressing room, StyleLink prompts them to simply scan the item’s UPC tag and instantly locates the correct size. Delighted shoppers can self serve themselves to system wide inventory.

StyleLink helps apparel retailers save the sale by making it effortless to find the right size, right there in the fitting room cluster.

Reduce Labor

This self-service kiosk frees your sales associates from the tedious task of locating merchandise for customers and facilitating a Buy Online order. Enabling them to serve customers or ring out purchases, StyleLink is an important labor saving tool for apparel retailers.

Increase Satisfaction

There is nothing more depressing than finally finding a style you love, only to discover the shop doesn’t have your size. With StyleLink, this potentially bad experience can be flipped into a positive, saltifying experience, delighting your customers and saving the sale!

Key Features

  • High reliability ELO monitor
  • Web site masking service (removing Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest links)
  • Automated checkout methods
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