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Finally, the locked case has been re-imagined

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All the good. None of the bad

Indyme is revolutionizing the concept of locked merchandise. Imagine allowing your customers to effortlessly access locked merchandise, without the assistance of a store associate. While at the same time securing your high-risk merchandise. As an added bonus, you save loads of labor and get rid of keys and their associated problems forever! Too good to be true? Read on!


The Value Exchange

Freedom Case is based on the concept of the Value Exchange. Shoppers trade personal identifying information for the convenience of self-service access to locked merchandise. But will shoppers make the trade? Answer – YES!

Indyme partnered with the LPRC and Field Agent to quantify the shopper experience with traditional locked cases (spoiler alert – it’s bad…). We also explored what type of personal information shoppers are willing to trade for convenience. These powerful findings are analyzed in this informative LPRC white paper.

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Advanced AI Technology Monitors Shopper’s Behavior

Indyme developed specialized Artificial Intelligence technology to monitor behaviors when accessing Freedom Case. Employing sensor fusion, Freedom Case combines this AI with other built-in sensors to identify suspicious behaviors in real time. Once suspicious behaviors are detected, Freedom Case instantly deploys Active Deterrence through its built-in speaker and touchscreen. Store associates can also be notified of suspicious activity. And because shrink has many sources, stocking occasions are monitored as well to protect against internal theft. Retailers can access to detailed data, photos and video of suspicious shopper and stocking events.

Indyme AI technology is the engine behind the concept of “Targeted Friction”, empowering your loyal customers with self-service access while denying offenders.

Locked Case Challenges

Locked cases are great fighting shrink, but they create a poor customer experience. Indyme researched the customer experience using mystery shoppers and surveyed their experience. The findings are not surprising, but they are telling about the challenges with locked cases.

How it Works

To access locked merchandise, your customers can use their cell phone number, a retailer’s App, a loyalty card, or even their face to open the case. Or they can request assistance from a store associate. Once open, Freedom case monitors shopping behaviors such as units removed, frequency of access, and door open duration. If suspicious behavior is detected, Freedom Case locally alarms and optionally notifies store personnel. By uniquely identifying each user, and logging their behavior over time, Freedom Case enables your honest shoppers while disabling would be offenders.

Multiple Access Methods

Freedom Case access methods can be customized in a variety of ways. By entering their cell phone number, shoppers receive a text with an access code. Enter the code and open the case. Retailers can drive adoption of their App by leveraging the added convenience Freedom Case provides to drive downloads. The most universal access method is Face ID. This method only requires your face, eliminating the need for a smartphone, or an App. Freedom Case utilizes an “Opt-In” method coupled with informed consent that complies with all privacy laws. Almost any method which enables Freedom Case to identify an individual can be used to access the case.

Frictionless Purchases

It’s a well known fact that locking up merchandise reduces sales up to 20 percent. By allowing customers to access merchandise without hunting down a store associate, these lost sales are largely restored. Locked cases are effective at reducing shrink, however, they are universally disliked by both customers and store operations. Freedom case allows retailers to enjoy the best of both worlds, strong product protection and frictionless purchase transactions.

Labor Savings & Customer Experience

We’ve all experienced the horrible customer experience of searching the aisles for a store associate to unlock a case. At the same time, tasking store associates with opening locked cases represents unproductive labor. By enabling self-service access to locked merchandise, Freedom Case saves significant labor hours while at the same time providing the customer experience your shoppers expect.

Key features

  • 5 inch customer facing touchscreen display
    • Built-in camera and speaker
  • Shelf Ready small format Freedom Case
    • Two sizes for shelf mount case 48” x 13” and 48” x 9”
    • Mounts to existing gondola uprights
    • Simple plug and play installation
    • POE powered; no AC power necessary at shelf
  • Gondola sized large format Freedom Case
    • Free standing full gondola size 4’ x 7’
    • Mounts over existing gondola
    • Simplified plug and play installation
    • POE powered; no AC power necessary at shelf
  • Multiple access methods available
    • Cell phone number
    • Loyalty card
    • Retailer’s App
  • Opt-in access methodology
    • Customers Opt-in to provide personal information for self-service access
      • + Informed consent
      • Complies with all consumer privacy requirements
    • Or simply request a store associate via touchscreen
  • Customer and Associate Behavior Monitoring
    • Freedom Case monitors behaviors on each door open event
    • Number of units removed or replaced
    • Door open duration
    • Return visits to same Freedom Case
    • Return visits to any Freedom Case
  • “Active Deterrence” deployed when a suspicious event is detected
    • Touchscreen & local voice notification “A store associate has been notified to assist you”
    • Store associates are notified via existing in-store communications or PA
  • Store associate notification
    • Notifies store associates over existing in-store communications devices
    • Integrated with virtually all in-store communications devices
      • Zebra, Motorola, Theatro, IOS, Android, any UHF/VHF walkie etc.
      • Can also notify over the existing store PA
  • Full event data logging and reporting
    • Optional JPEG captured for each user
    • Video of each door open transaction
    • Denied Access events
    • Suspicious behavior events
    • Store associate access events: Protects against internal theft
  • Over the air programming (simplified move, add, and change)
  • Advanced health monitoring
    • All system elements are monitored in real time
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