Not all threats are created equal! With Indyme’s new Smart Sense™ Technology, you can better assess the threat level and tailor responses accordingly. It differentiates suspicious behavior from normal shopping behavior and creates tailored responses based on your business model, staffing model, and store demographics.

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Trigger Tailor-Fit Responses

Once targeted behaviors are detected, notifications can then be activated. These include a range of responses from direct store personnel intervention to fully autonomous local alarming and deterrence.


  • High Value Merchandise – Smart Response™ empowers you to unlock high value merchandise. It also allows the store to recover the resulting sales loss from locking up merchandise with instant notifications.

  • Perimeter Monitoring – Get immediate notification of door openings in-store and after hours.

  • Suspicious Activity Detection – Instrument any fixture in your retail space to allow it to gather activity data, assess threat levels and send notifications.

  • Fitting Room – Gather valuable usage data and monitor occupancies.