70% of clothing shoppers use fitting rooms before purchasing[1], yet only 1 in 10 consumers are satisfied with the experience.[2]

Fitting Rooms are a crucial point in the path to purchase. Without data or influence at this key area, you are missing out on a huge growth opportunity.

Smarter Fitting Room Management

By installing the SmartFit Fitting Room Management System, retailers gain access to actionable data.

  • Occupancy Awareness and Dwell Time
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Shrink Occurrences
  • Response Time and Inspection Compliance
  • Capacity Utilization


Increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and reduce shrink.

Whatever your customer engagement strategy and staffing model may be, SmartFit® has a solution to meet your goals:

  • Entry – Get instant notification when customers enter the fitting room area. This is particularly helpful in providing awareness to lean store teams.

  • Dwell – Get a window into your fitting rooms through Indyme’s sensing technology. Gather usage and occupancy data that can be used to drive operational efficiency and conversion. Improve the fitting room experience by sending timely notifications to your store teams on engagement opportunities, suspicious activity, and inspection reminders.

  • Assist – Gather usage data and empower your customers to request assistance. Requests can vary from unlocking or reserving a fitting room, requesting sizes and colors, assistance, and cross-sell opportunities.

  1. Envision Survey
  2. Indyme Survey Conducted on 2,000 UK Consumers

SmartFit® Status

Monitor fitting room activity through a web-based portal accessible by any computer, tablet or mobile device. The user-friendly interface displays visual notifications of fitting room status, help requests, extended occupancies, and inspection reminders.

SmartFit: Fitting Room Data

Get Data Driven Insight

SmartPortal: Reports measure compliance and analyze data.

The data gathered is accessible through Indyme’s secure cloud-based platform, SmartPortal™. These reports empower management to take actions that increase staffing effectiveness, build sales, and reduce shrink. Corporate support and training are critical in driving compliance and success, measured objectively by Indyme’s metrics.