SmartFit® Assist

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Empower your Customers

Apparel customers make the majority of buying decisions in the fitting room. SmartFit Assist allows customers to request another size or color from within the fitting room. Customer satisfaction increases, driving conversion and avoiding missed sales.

How it Works

Customers simply press a button located inside the fitting room and Indyme instantly notifies store associates.

Locked Dressing Rooms
Customers request access to fitting rooms by pressing an outside button. It glows red when occupied and green when vacant.

Each help button has a built-in dwell detector allowing SmartFit to calculate traffic in your dressing rooms.

Help your customers buy more!

Empowering your customers to ask for help drives engagement during the critical purchase decision moment. Shoppers prefer to receive assistance with another size or color without having to get dressed again. SmartFit assist elevates your customer experience while driving conversion even higher.

Locked Dressing Rooms

Shoppers who use dressing rooms are three times more likely to make a purchase than non-users. Locked fitting rooms create friction in the transaction and lowers conversion. SmartFit enables shoppers to request a fitting room at the touch of a button.


Conversion of store traffic to dressing room use is the most effective driver of conversion in apparel. SmartFit helps retailers identify and understand underperforming stores and share best practices from high performing stores. In addition, most retailers have over capacity of dressing rooms, taking away valuable sales floor space. SmartFit provides long term capacity utilization statistics so remodels can be better targeted to actual usage.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modern styling and customizable colors
  • Rich analytics of dressing room utilization
  • Full reporting of store associate response times
  • Advanced health monitoring
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